Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bathroom Inspiration

To say that I am totally obsessed with bathrooms at the moment is an understatement. Our bathroom reno is so far going to plan and at the same time I am pricing things for our 'one day' extension which seems to be getting closer which is exciting.  I like lots of different bathroom and interior styles, and the hard part is picking which one to invest in. Thank goodness for the inspiration.

I absolutely love white bathrooms with timber mixed in there somewhere, whether it be the vanity or the flooring. This bathroom with parquetry flooring is gorgeous. I am a big fan of parquetry flooring.

Vintage mirrors in a modern bathroom also rock my world. I would love to do this in our bathroom, but then there is the issue of the mirrored cabinet... to have one or not. I am all for storage but I don't think you can do both... well not in the same room anyway. Decisions decisions.

Then there is the featured floor tile thrown in the mix. I do love this look (I adore the pink peonies in this pic), but I also love a modern vanity and bath. Perhaps a modern version of classic might do it.

Have a great night! As you may have gathered I have joined the Pinterest obsession. Feel free to drop by if you want. Kelly x

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Happy Place

How I love to be at home. It is my happy place (when the housework has been done). Enjoying a few days home this week. Love love love.

Image from Pinterest

Monday, 20 August 2012

Renovation heaven

I have been a little quiet of late for many reasons, one of which is I lost my voice, so quiet quite literally, and I have also been extremely busy at work organising a major event which was held on Sunday. All went well which is what you want, and so I now have more time to be at home with my daughter and to squeeze in blog posts while she is sleeping...YAY! Another thing this past week which has consumed me is that we have had to do an urgent renovation of our bathroom in our investment property which is an unexpected cost, but I have to say that I am having an absolute ball planning it. Hanging out to sink my teeth into another project. We have four weeks to achieve it and I am quietly confident. I have just purchased 50% of the big ticket items online in one hour, can you believe it. The tiles, vanity and almost the toilet and shower screen. So stay tuned for the reveal. Fingers crossed we can stick to the time frame and our budget which we've set at $5000. If I can go under I'll be thrilled. It's like a little challenge. Hope you have had a great start to the week, off to bed for me... until tomorrow.

Image from Pinterest

Monday, 13 August 2012

Adorable Cardboard Oven

How gorgeous is this little cardboard oven by Flat Out Frankie in New Zealand! So sweet. They are available now from State of Green. Adorable gift.

Image from State of Green

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Daylesford Cottage

I hope you've had a great weekend. I have been in bed sick since Friday which hasn't been much fun. I did secretly enjoy the time to myself though I have to say, sleeping and flicking through mags in between naps, and being looked after by my husband. Spring is nearly here in the Adelaide Hills and I can't wait for more sunshine. 
I received an email from my mother-in-law this week of this gorgeous cottage in Daylesford that I just had to share. The inside of the building is just stunning, imagine what you could do with a blank space like that... ah the mind wanders. Holiday house maybe?... it is for sale x

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

ixxi magic

If you haven't heard of ixxi yet, let this be your introduction. It is a decorative wall system where you can create a collage of different prints, however big you like, or enlarge your favourite image and bam! make an impact just like little Chester above. My friend Kendall wanted a print to make a collection of three on a blank wall in her kitchen. Inspired by Simply Grove she ordered her very own ixxi. I love it! You can see some other examples on Simply Grove and on the ixxi site.   

Images from KD

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Little Girl's Bedroom

I hope you are having a great weekend! In between rushing to sport and work today my husband and I managed to finally take down the cot in our daughter's bedroom and put together an antique bed given to us by my gorgeous friend Lorraine. I saw the bed in her attic a while ago and she said it was "meant for Amelie when she moved from a cot to a bed". I absolutely love the mix of old and new and so I was very excited by Lorraine's generous offer. I bought some beautiful bed linen in the July sales and we had a mattress made to fit the bed, which is an old 3/4. Basically, it is the width of a king single but the length of a single. Perfect size for a growing toddler. 
The transformation has now begun, changing Amelie's room from a baby girl's room to a "big girl's" room. I've got a bit to do yet, including covering her toy box lid with the most divine linen fabric from Thea at Thea & Sami, but I thought I'd share a sneak peak anyway. 

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