Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bathroom Inspiration

To say that I am totally obsessed with bathrooms at the moment is an understatement. Our bathroom reno is so far going to plan and at the same time I am pricing things for our 'one day' extension which seems to be getting closer which is exciting.  I like lots of different bathroom and interior styles, and the hard part is picking which one to invest in. Thank goodness for the inspiration.

I absolutely love white bathrooms with timber mixed in there somewhere, whether it be the vanity or the flooring. This bathroom with parquetry flooring is gorgeous. I am a big fan of parquetry flooring.

Vintage mirrors in a modern bathroom also rock my world. I would love to do this in our bathroom, but then there is the issue of the mirrored cabinet... to have one or not. I am all for storage but I don't think you can do both... well not in the same room anyway. Decisions decisions.

Then there is the featured floor tile thrown in the mix. I do love this look (I adore the pink peonies in this pic), but I also love a modern vanity and bath. Perhaps a modern version of classic might do it.

Have a great night! As you may have gathered I have joined the Pinterest obsession. Feel free to drop by if you want. Kelly x

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