Sunday, 17 March 2013

Lazy Sunday...

Lazy Sundays aren't really a regular in our household, but I think it is time to start embracing the concept. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. x

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Why is it when you are doing everything you can to save money... in my case for a trip to Vietnam, do you then feel the need to splash some serious cash?! I had a week like that last week, and after last year's experience of shopping for winter clothing when everything was sold out in my size (that's my excuse anyway) I thought I would purchase my winter wardrobe while the stock is still on the shelves. I also have the added danger of working within a very close proximity to David Jones, which is my regular go-to when I don't know what to do on my lunch break. The result, a gorgeous wool cardi, sequinned sweater and French navy skinny jeans all from Witchery. I love that store! I also can't resist Midas shoes. I haven't yet parted with the cash on this number but I am still seriously eyeing off the Everly ankle boot. Who knows what tomorrow will bring - I do happen to be busy on my lunch break tomorrow, so budgie will be smiling for another day.

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