Saturday, 30 April 2011


Etsy! I have been fashion fasting for almost six months. What that means is, I haven't bought clothes, shoes or accessories since November last year, and come May 14 I am back in the game. Having said that, I now don't want for much and it has made me realise that I actually don't need that much. It's fun to look though. How cool are these?...

Images via extraseed, Tippy Thai, and modernmarigold on Etsy

Relaxing Spaces

How divine is it to be able to truly relax... mind you, I haven't done much of it lately, but these spaces make me want to turn off the phone, grab a mag and just be.

Images via Marie Claire Maison, Houzz via Simply Grove, and Me

Friday, 29 April 2011

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Hope you have had a wonderful Easter and ANZAC Day long weekend. We had a working bee at our place and with the help of my parents we painted the kitchen and now have an immaculate garden. I have also started to prepare a gorgeous old table and chairs for my daughter that I picked up at a second hand shop for just $10. I will show you the results very soon. Raspberry with a chalkboard top.

My lounge room, which is next on the list to paint... leaning towards Porter's Paints Milk on the skirting boards and doors and either Dulux China White or Porter's Paints Rawhide on the walls... Have a great night.
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