Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Before and After

I took a huge step late last week and finally took my favourite Danish style chair to receive the pampering it deserves. It has been sitting in this position in our lounge room for the past two years in the condition I found it. The timber still looks and feels amazing but the cushions are passed their prime. The hardest decision has been which fabric to cover them in. I adore cloth fabric, but I also have a 16 month old child, and numerous friends, not to mention the upholsterer telling me perhaps now is not the time to go down that path, so I am still unsure of the end result but I am nearly at the point of deciding. Those who are close to me will know that that is huge in itself. So very soon I hope to introduce you to my refreshed favourite chair back in its spot in my lounge room. I miss it, but waiting anxiously for the transformation.


  1. Go for whatever makes you enjoy the chair in the here and now. It can always be recovered at a later date if it starts to get a bit shabby! I have a white lounge with 3 kids and two cats!!

  2. Hi Renea, thanks for your comment... very true, love your philosophy. I ended up going with a red linen. It turned out well I think.


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