Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Our tree is sitting pretty in the corner this year. Each and every Christmas I can't help but photograph my Christmas tree. Always so proud of it. It's a family tradition to put the tree up on (or as close to) December 1st as possible. I usually pick a theme each year with decorations, but I went with silver and red a few years ago and finding it hard to branch away. I did buy some gorgeous plywood decorations last year which I love and introduced a little rustic touch with a brick pallet as my "tree protector" from my 10 month old (below). I didn't need it this year as Little Miss A has managed to leave the tree alone, but it works a treat if you have toddlers... or not. I actually quite like the look regardless.

To create the rustic fence, I got an old brick pallet (you can buy them from salvage yards), got the saw out and cut it in half. I then sanded it with fine sand paper so that it was smooth to touch for little (and big) hands. You could also use old timber. Have fun!

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