Friday, 30 December 2011

Power of Film

I find it incredible how the simple act of watching a film can have you in fits of hysterical laughter, left feeling shocked, confused, or disappointed... or another which can creep up on you is how they can make you tear up, not necessarily feel sad, but just cry. Actually I don't mean just cry, I mean absolutely bellow with emotion until it is almost physically impossible to do so anymore. Sometimes unexpectedly. I have just had one of these moments, thankfully at home and not in a cinema somewhere which I have done in the past, and that let me tell you is excruciating and comical at the same time. I have to say though that I feel much better for it. It's obviously a time when our guards down or we allow ourselves to reflect or remember... perhaps those we have lost, those we love the most, mourning the life we had hoped for, or the one we still imagine is possible. Regardless, a good cry (even if it is during a game show... note to self, perhaps don't say that out loud) is needed every now and again.

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