Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Ironing revival

I love before and afters, so I thought I'd share with you my most recent project... giving new life to an old ironing board. I didn't really like my ironing board, it was flimsy and left marks on my clothing, so it was time to give some love to an old one I had in the shed. I couldn't even tell you where it came from... it just appeared. You can't beat the heavy duty ironing boards of old. After a spray with an anti-rust concoction, a scour with steel wool and some cream spray paint the difference is remarkable. A funky Sass cover (from Spotlight) helps too. 



Joys of Sewing

I got all inspired a few weeks ago when I saw an easy-to-sew skirt pattern on Etsy. I had the time to venture to Spotlight this week and purchased some summery Japanese cotton fabric and elastic, and then got sewing. This is the result. All you really need to do is know how to sew a straight line and iron. It took only about 15 minutes. If I can find the link again I'll post it.

Cloth Fabric Bed Linen

Oh my goodness! I am extremely excited right now. Cloth Fabric have introduced a bed linen range made out of their stunning prints, printed on unbleached linen cotton. They have collaborated with Linenhouse and I just got off the phone to the store and you can purchase it direct from them in Sydney, or the range will also be available in Myer. I am still in love with Rough Rose... I wonder if I can convince hubby to have it in the bedroom. I'll do my best.

Images from Cloth

Saturday, 27 August 2011


It's been crazy busy in our house-hold this week but things are now starting to slow down. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful sleep-in this morning, followed by breakfast in bed (fed to me by little miss 18 month old). My morning is my own today and the sun is shining. Time to get the spring frock out and soak in the day. Have a great weekend. 

Image from Design Sponge

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Lovely letter press

Oh how I love Etsy. The wonderful creativity enlightens me. Tonight they featured Printerette Press, a small business run by Catherine Polacek out of Minneapolis in the States, that makes hand made stationery from a 100 year old letter press. Her work is divine and she even custom makes. Anything from recipe cards to wedding stationery, thank you cards, envelopes and party invites. Perhaps this year it is time to ditch the usual Christmas card and include a favourite family recipe... how novel and wonderful. Something your friends could keep or frame instead of heading to the recycle.

Image from Etsy

Friday, 12 August 2011

Bathroom... Before and After

Wow! The transformation is amazing. I love before and afters... they give me hope.

Images from Design Sponge

Saturday, 6 August 2011


Another shop I have fallen in love with that you must visit. I have one afternoon of your weekend sorted. Jump in the car and head up to the Adelaide Hills, grab a bite to eat at the Charleston pub and then cross the road into home-ware heaven at Pony. If you ride a bike then put them on/in the car, stop for lunch at the Red Door Food Store in Balhannah followed by a relaxing bike ride along the new bike track to Charleston... just beautiful. And Pony... what a gem amongst the vines and livestock. I now have a monthly allowance just for this store. They also stock unique fashion (amazing jeans), bags, jewellery, decor books and Hunter boots. Need I say more.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Tea time...

Ok, so I am no Donna Hay, and my Tunisian fish soup looks more like a Paella, but how deliciously fragrant and comforting. Our little family just arrived back from our regular Friday night trip to the Adelaide Central Markets. We didn't really have a plan this week. Normally I have a list in hand and a fierce eye on the ball, but tonight was more about just taking it all in. We did purchase the usual bagels, smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers for Saturday morning breakfast, as well as beautiful Asian greens. Without any idea of what to make I bought some fresh succulent snapper and then decided how to prepare it once we arrived home. This is what I came up with.... kind of.

Tunisian fish soup

olive oil
chopped onion
chopped celery stalk
garlic cloves
tomato paste or puree
1 1/2 teaspoons ground turmeric
1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin
2 teaspoons harissa
1 litre of fish or vegetable stock
skinless snapper cut into chunks... or fish of your choice
2 bay leaves
handful of arborio rice
chopped mint
lemon juice

Heat oil and cook onion and celery, then add garlic, tomato, turmeric, cumin and harissa. Pour in stock and bring to boil then simmer. Add rice and stir occasionally until rice is nearly ready. Add fish, then stir in mint and lemon juice. I sprinkled it at the end with a pinch of sea salt, and a little extra lemon juice on mine. Wow, what a quick and tasty Friday night tea. It serves around three (with salad or steamed greens), although 2 hungry people could finish it off. Bon appetit x

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Cool Caravans

I have this little dream that one day when I have the time and the storage space, I would like to buy an old caravan and do it up with a few mod cons and funky fabrics. In its down time I can use it as my little studio and then in the holidays take her to visit her little friends in parks across Australia. I've found some gorgeous inspiration.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Weekend wonder

What a weekend, some bargain finds and my husband ate my homemade coleslaw for the first time. Huge I tell you.
After painting my lounge room (I'll show the results soon) I've realised that I need a bit more colour and pizang (winter has a lot to do with it), so I have been trying to hunt down some items at my local second hand stores... and dare I say the tip (they have a shop full of fabulous finds adjoining the tip, so I'm not searching through garbage, someone's already done that). Anyway, I came across the most beautiful timber lamp base. Perfect condition, not a scratch on it for the bargain price of $6! I have also found a lady in the north eastern suburbs who makes lampshades in fabrics of your choice from go to woe, so I am there with my swatch of Cloth fabric. I love it when things come together. Oh yes, and about the coleslaw... for 11 years my husband hasn't eaten coleslaw, so what a milestone for him to not only eat one serve, but go back for seconds. Thank you S&W Whole Egg Mayonnaise... my thighs won't, but I do.
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