Monday, 1 August 2011

Weekend wonder

What a weekend, some bargain finds and my husband ate my homemade coleslaw for the first time. Huge I tell you.
After painting my lounge room (I'll show the results soon) I've realised that I need a bit more colour and pizang (winter has a lot to do with it), so I have been trying to hunt down some items at my local second hand stores... and dare I say the tip (they have a shop full of fabulous finds adjoining the tip, so I'm not searching through garbage, someone's already done that). Anyway, I came across the most beautiful timber lamp base. Perfect condition, not a scratch on it for the bargain price of $6! I have also found a lady in the north eastern suburbs who makes lampshades in fabrics of your choice from go to woe, so I am there with my swatch of Cloth fabric. I love it when things come together. Oh yes, and about the coleslaw... for 11 years my husband hasn't eaten coleslaw, so what a milestone for him to not only eat one serve, but go back for seconds. Thank you S&W Whole Egg Mayonnaise... my thighs won't, but I do.

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