Thursday, 19 April 2012

Winter wardrobe

With not a lot of cash to splash at the moment, I am putting a lot of thought into my winter wardrobe purchases this year. I never usually take staple purchases lightly, but this year I am taking it to another level. If participating in Fashion Fasting last year taught me anything it was to make conscious purchases. Like eating too, although I am yet to master that one, especially if I go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.
My favourite picks are.... (yes drum roll please)...

Jigsaw Jacket

Witchery jean

Joanne Mercer boot

By doing some savvy shopping I was able to save $230 on boots (Had heart set on a $500 Midas pair, but found almost the exact same looking boot at Joanne Mercer). It has taken me two years to find a black flat knee high boot that I like to replace my old trusty (2004) Witchery boots. Good things come to those who wait. Wardrobe sorted!

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