Friday, 13 April 2012

Adelaide Secrets

I love living in Adelaide. We have so many gorgeous little shops, cafes and stunning restaurants that I wish I had more time and spare cash to frequent. In my travels, including a recent trip to Sydney I was craving local knowledge of where to go, quirky cafes or stores that are one of a kind, and what is best to perhaps leave for another time. I have been thinking that there must be like-minded people who think the same when visiting Adelaide, so I thought I would start Adelaide Secrets. Sharing what I love about this gorgeous city and hopefully introducing you to a fun new experience when you are next in town. Enjoy! 

Littlest Vintage
91 Glen Osmond Road Eastwood SA

I spotted this gorgeous vintage store out the corner of my eye when travelling into work on the bus one morning. I finally had a chance to visit last week and it did not disappoint. Stunning kitchen buffet, lots of suitcases, boots, guitars, vintage dresses, typewriters, canisters and jewellery. If you are into all things vintage you will be delighted by this quaint little store. Check them out on Facebook.

Images from LittlestVINTAGE


  1. What an adorable little store! Thanks for the facebook link... a pity I live so far away!

    1. No problems Hazel, I hope you enjoy looking at their Facebook pictures.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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