Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Vietnam ~ Part Two

It seems I am not very good at regular blogging lately. A little tardy to say the least. Tonight I have started the task of putting our holiday photos into an album (something I still love to do in this day and age of technology) and I thought it was about time I posted some more.
When travelling I love to take photos of ordinary things, gorgeous flowers, an abandoned alley or bright fruit piled high (I took lots of these).  I also love looking back at the streetscapes from one city to the next to see the differences, and there were a lot unique to each city. From Hanoi to Hoi An and then on to Ho Chi Minh. Here are some of my favourites. You can see my daughter on her Dad's shoulders in a few... it's how she spent most of the holiday when she wasn't in the pool.

From the craziness of the traffic in Hanoi, to the serenity in Hoi An and then the manicured gardens and marbled buildings in Ho Chi Minh. I loved it all. What I really admired were the manicured gardens. The Vietnamese sure do love their hedges, which I do too. Ahhh after my own heart. Hence I have since taken to my garden with the shears for a tidy up (actually my Dad did most of it, but I helped with the rosemary and box hedges). Not quite as exquisite as we saw in Vietnam, but getting there.

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