Thursday, 22 August 2013


After a crazy busy month of pretty much just surviving, it was nice today to finally get a chance to relax and indulge in a bit of me time. Something I don't get too much of these days. Something I am sure you might be able to relate to as well. After a day like today I find myself contemplating life, (and my garden and pile of housework) and feeling keen to put it all back into perspective. One thing I think that goes missing when life gets busy is fun. It might be exercise (yes, when making the time, I do actually find this fun), movies, spending a day on the couch to do nothing because you can, seeing friends, laughing....
Getting back to the simple things, I think it's about filling your day with at least one thing you are passionate about to take the mundane out of the everyday and bringing back some vitality and enthusiasm. So if you have a busy day ahead of you tomorrow, try and squeeze some of that into it. Call the friend you haven't had coffee with for ages, take flowers to your Mum just because, or step away from your desk and actually take that lunch break you are entitled to, buy a magazine and go and sit somewhere in the sun, read it and soak up some of the good life.

Image from Simply Grove

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