Thursday, 10 May 2012

Thea & Sami

I can't believe it has taken me a few months to checkout a website recommended in the January edition of Home Beautiful. Thea & Sami is now my new favourite fabric store. I haven't been able to stop looking at the website. Textile designer Thea Samios' designs are just gorgeous, printed on beautiful natural linen and cottons. They are of lots of pretty things... flowers, cottage gardens, butterflies, peacocks, and made into cushions, tea towels, lampshades, napkins, armchairs or by the metre. I wish I had the budget to buy metres of this fabric. I would absolutely love to put linen curtains up in my lounge room. For the moment though I am going to settle for a metre of Cottage Garden red or maybe crème to cover the lid of my daughter's toy box... and perhaps a Butterflies tea towel to make into a cushion. Hmmm hard to stop there though. Where's my willpower?...

Images from Thea & Sami


  1. Hello Kelly, thank you for the lovely post about our fabrics and products! I'm so pleased that you like our designs. They're even nicer when you see and touch them in real life (I just love linen).

    You can see a range of our homewares at Three Birds, Stirling in your own neighbourhood. Take care, Thea

    1. Hi Thea, thanks for your message and for stopping by on my blog. I just adore your designs. I love linen too. Three Birds is such a gorgeous shop in Stirling, I love it there. I will make sure I ask about your fabrics when next in store. Thanks again. I'll be in touch soon. Kelly

  2. HI Kelly, they don't stock our fabrics although you can see them in table runners there. Three Birds mainly stock our tea-towels and napkins. Otherwise, if you would like me to post you some swatches, send me an email thea[at]


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